How Winter Affects Dementia

It’s no secret that our mental and physical health changes with the seasons. In the spring, we often feel a burst of energy as...

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Beating The Winter Blues

Have you ever felt exhausted during the winter months? Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying “no” to invitations to get-...

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Dementia Vs. Alzheimer's

It's common for people to use the terms dementia and Alzheimer's interchangeably. However, the two terms are not quite the same...

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10-Tips-for-Caregivers-2560x170010 Tips For Caregivers 

Being a family caregiver is a fulfilling role that allows you to be a positive light in your loved one’s life...

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Expert Tips To Help Seniors Sleep Better

While you might find quality sleep more challenging at certain times, you can increase your likelihood of sleeping well by adjusting a few...

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What Is Normal Forgetfulness Vs. Signs of Dementia?

While some common changes happen as we age, not all symptoms you notice are typical signs of aging.

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Best Winter Vacations For Seniors

When the season changes, it’s common for us to start feeling an itch for something new. Whether a far distance or just to the...

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Best Holiday Activities for Seniors

The holidays are full of gathering family and friends to share a meal, bake a few dozen cookies, watch a favorite movie, or...

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Best Gifts For Seniors

It’s the season of finding the perfect gift to wrap up and give, but you might need some help deciding what to purchase for an...

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Joyful-Holiday-Season-2560x1700How To Have A Joyous Holiday

The next few months are full of twinkling lights, favorite traditions, and getting together with loved ones...

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Why Socialization Is Important To Wellness

Recent research shows that many older adults neglect their social life, which can lead to a list of adverse physical and mental health outcomes...

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How To Discuss Senior Living With Your Loved One

Have you become wary of your aging loved one living at home alone? Maybe they fell a few months ago?

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2560x1700-Cold-Weather-SafetyCold Weather Safety For Seniors

Autumn has passed with its glorious colors and pleasantly crisp temperatures, which means that winter is upon us. While cold...

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Healthy Holiday Meals For Seniors

The winter season is ideal for cozying up with comfort food. Finding the right healthy winter recipes can help any older adult...

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Senior-Grief-2560x1700-1Help Seniors Cope With Grief

The winter holiday season can be a joyous one, with families gathering together and friends catching up with one another...

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Best-Physical-Activities-2560x1700Best Physical Activities In The Winter

With winter approaching, you might wonder how you will stay active...

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Mental Exercises To Keep Your Mind Sharp

are you also looking at ways to boost your cognitive health? Your brain is just like any other body part - you’ve got to exercise it regularly...  

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How To Choose A Memory Care Residence For Your Loved One

If your loved one has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or another type of dementia, the shock of it is...

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