When Weather Strikes: Safety & Preparedness

Dateline January 10, 2020: Severe storms slam through multiple north Texas counties. If you remember, the two-day weather event included rain, high winds, snow and tornado warnings. Texas weather is certainly unpredictable with typical spring events capable of happening any month of the year. How can you prepare? What should you do when weather strikes? Are you prepared for an emergency?

Join Chelsea Burnett of the Texas Storm Chasers for a virtual workshop on severe weather preparedness. In this exciting complimentary webinar, you will:

  • Learn safety precautions needed before, during and after severe weather events.
  • Receive tips on how to become involved in the community if you are interested.
  • Get inside the weather with exciting videos of Chelsea’s past chases.


When: Tuesday, December 17

Time: 2:00-3:00pm



Expert Presenter:

Chelsea Burnett
Texas Storm Chaser/Photographer



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