How Hospice Can Help During The Pandemic

Did you know Hospice can help you and loved ones during the pandemic? Hospice clinicians maintain preparedness for a wide array of infectious diseases, including new emerging diseases as well as regular occurrences like the flu. Our team members are well-versed in the prevention of exposure through current state and CDC guidelines, as well as the fact that and they are trained to work under conditions requiring extreme mindfulness of preventing infectious disease transmission. Watch this complimentary webinar to learn how Hospice can help you.

Join David Dowd as he discusses:

  • The benefits and uses of hospice during COVID-19
  • Hospice resources for families
  • The impact of the pandemic on hospice care and what may lie ahead
  • Hospice legislative changes


When: Wednesday, November 18

Time: 11:00 AM


Guest Presenter: David Dowd, President & CEO AlevCare Hospice

David-DowdDavid received his Bachelors in Business Administration/ Marketing at Texas Tech University. He has been in the healthcare field for 20 years, most recently as President & CEO of AlevCare Hospice. AlevCare Hospice is a hospice care program serving North Texas and the surrounding areas of Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis, Parker, Wise and Dallas counties.