The Health Benefits of Older Adult Socialization

No matter your age, humans are social beings. We crave connection and belonging as the health benefits of socialization can drastically improve our lives. The need for company, friendship and support certainly does not diminish as we grow older. While a healthy social life is particularly important for seniors as it improves mental, physical and spiritual health, obstacles may make socialization and staying active difficult.

Join Rose Traub in this complimentary webinar as she shares:
  • The importance of socialization and its positive effects on the mind, body and soul
  • How you can stay engaged in a physically-distanced world
  • Tips on how older adults can cultivate a healthy social life

When: Wednesday, September 23

Time:  10:00 AM 


speaker-rose-traubGuest Presenter: Rose Traub, Senior Care Advisor & Owner Assisted Living Made Simple, LLC

Rose Traub is a senior and family advisor, helping families find direction through the next journey in life by helping locate the perfect assisted living for their loved one’s new home.


Benefits of Socialization

  • Reduced stress. Older adults who are socially active handle stress better. This leads to important increases in cardiovascular health and an improved immune system.
  • Longer lifespan. High levels of socialization in seniors help increase longevity.
  • More fitness. Older adults with diverse social supports are more likely to exercise regularly which leads to a host of physical, mental and cognitive benefits.
  • Reduced risk of depression. Consistent socialization reduces the likelihood that seniors will experience the depression caused by isolation and loneliness.
  • Less anxiety. Similarly, senior socialization reduces levels of anxiety as well.
  • Greater self-esteem. Socialization helps seniors maintain their self-esteem and sense of worth.