Planning for a Positive Journey to Aging

The second in the series, this presentation again brings us experts from across the area to talk about various aging journeys. This week, we will cover topics ranging from Medicare to Power of Attorney.

Our experts will guide us through:

  • General facts for seniors and their family members
  • Power of Attorney facts and FAQs
  • Introduction to Medicare


When: Thursday, February 25

Time: 2:30 PM


Meet the Experts:

Tony Tortorici,

Realtor Senior Lifestyle Group

Tony-TA Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Tony has been serving seniors throughout Oklahoma for decades. He is dedicated to providing seniors, and their family members with the information they need to make wise decisions about senior living, well before a medical crisis accelerates the process.


Jamie Miller,



Jamie has extensive experience serving clients through her successful solo practice. She is well versed in working with seniors and their family members as they navigate the sometimes confusing waters of advanced planning.


Terri Haggard,

Medicare Specialist HealthMarkets, Inc.


Terri is a trusted Medicare Advisor, working with clients to navigate the sometimes confusing paperwork and choices associated with Medicare coverage. She is licensed with various insurance companies and aspires to connect clients with the coverage they need now and will need in the future.