Learn the Breakthrough Method for Brain-Boosting, Age-Defying Sleep

We could all benefit from better sleep, but getting a good night’s rest can become more elusive as we age. Life stresses, pain, and other factors can leave you feeling exhausted in the morning, but the health consequences don’t stop there. Poor sleep can also lead to decreased immune response, feeling cognitively “foggy,” and wishing for more energy.

Join us as we talk candidly about sleep disruptions as well as solutions. We’ll cover:

  • 3 science-based solutions to fall asleep faster and stay asleep based on how your brain works.
  • Surprising ways to manage the stress that ruins sleep
  • 3 important steps to do every night in the hour before bed to ensure an effective night’s sleep
  • Much more!


When: Tuesday, February 23

Time: 9am MST | 10am CST | 11am EST


Meet the Expert: Dr. Marc Milstein

speaker-marc-milsteinA frequent health expert in the media, including the Dr. Oz Show, Huffington Post, and USA Today, Dr. Milstein utilizes his scientist training to cut through the hype and inaccurate health headlines to give actionable tips people can begin using immediately. He earned his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and his Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UCLA. He has conducted research on topics including genetics, neuroscience, and infectious disease. His work has been published in multiple scientific journals.