Virtual Art Class: Paint Pouring

Learn a new way to express yourself and how creativity can boost your health.

Ready to stretch your creative muscles? Join Jolene French as she leads a virtual class all about the technique of paint pouring. Everyone is an artist, and everyone can benefit from expressing their creativity. Our virtual class will allow you to interact with others and try a new art form. We’ll also learn about the health benefits of making art, even if you don’t consider yourself a true artist.

RSVP today with your address, and we will deliver your complimentary canvas kit and art supplies to your home before the class to participate with us!


When: Thursday, March 11

Time: 10:00 AM


Meet the Expert: Jolene French, Creative Artist

Jolene loves to connect with others through art and empowers participants to express their style. She believes everyone can benefit from learning about and creating art.