The Importance of Socialization for Seniors

Did you know friendships and socialization can keep you healthy as you age?

When you think of staying healthy, you might think that exercising and eating right are the key components of senior wellness. While these are crucial to your health, you should also pay close attention to your socialization. Seniors who feel lonely and lack the connection to a supportive group of friends are more likely to face serious adverse health outcomes.

Join us as we learn more about:

  • The dangers of social isolation
  • Why socialization is so important to senior aging
  • How to make friends and create a connection


When: Thursday, March 11

Time: 2:00 PM CST | 1:00 PM MST


Meet the Expert: Amy Arnold, Marketing and Education Outreach Specialist, Central Plains Area Agency on Aging

Amy has worked for the Central Plains Area Agency on Aging for more than 3 years. She facilitates the monthly Aging Network meetings where professionals serving older adults come together to learn how to impact the lives of older adults and their caregivers positively.