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Legend Senior Living have been conducting online webinars with helpful information for older adults and their families since the start of the pandemic.  We know the importance of accurate information when making tough decisions which is why these Legend Lectures are now available to view at any time.  Check out the available topics below, click the "Access Webinar" button by the one you want to watch and enjoy!


Does My Mom Have Dementia?:
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The Best Friend's Approach To Dementia Care:

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The End of Alzheimer's:

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Harness The Power Of Your Brain:

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The 10 Most Important Things To Know About Dementia Caregiving:

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Keeping The Aging Brain Healthy: Boosting Memory & Lowering The Risk Of Dementia:

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You Have To Laugh To Keep From Crying: How To Parent Your Parents:

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Isolation And It's Effect On Dementia:

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