Cooking for One Can Be Fun

Learn how to downsize your cooking without downsizing the flavor or nutrition.

Older adults can sometimes struggle with learning how to cook for just one or two people. Spending decades cooking for a busy table of kids and grandkids can do planning and preparing an individual entree to seem boring. Unfortunately, that means many older adults end up frustrated as they struggle to find the right recipe ingredients and portion sizes for themselves. This can often lead to serious nutritional challenges like eating less often or choosing a processed option over fresh.

No matter if you are a seasoned home chef or just looking to learn the basics, our time together will be packed with great information and delicious recipes to try at home.


When: Thursday, April 22

Time: 10:00 AM


All attendees will receive a personal gift delivered the day following the presentation from our very own Chef Jason.


Meet the Expert: Chef Jason

Chef Jason has years of experience developing menus and creating new dining experiences for Legend Senior Living residents.