Home Gardening Tips and Tricks

More than flowers grow in the garden! You can grow too.

There’s just something about getting your hands in the dirt and nurturing a plant. Beginner and advanced gardeners are always amazed when they see a plant grow and blossom in the garden. But it’s not just plants that bloom in the garden. The gardeners do too!

Gardening offers plenty of health benefits, from decreased stress to increased fine motor dexterity to an enhanced spiritual connection. No matter what brings you to the garden, you are welcome here.

Join us for an educational presentation about gardening. Learn tips and tricks from a seasoned and successful gardener. We’ll talk about gardening everywhere: in planters, raised beds, and window sills. Beginners welcome!


When: Thursday, April 15

Time: 4:00 AM CST | 3:00 AM MST


Meet the Expert: Nancy Kaskey, Colorado State Master Gardener

Nancy loves sharing her love of gardening with everyone, whether they believe they have a “green thumb” or not! She offers tips and tricks so that anyone can enjoy their time in the garden.