Keeping you Informed During the Outbreak

Legend is keeping you informed and protected.

For information directly from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), visit the page on the website: Coronavirus (COVID-19). See especially the page Older Adults & Medical Conditions.

The CDC is our main and most reliable source for nationwide status and policies. We also are in touch with each State’s Department of Health and County Department of Health and are monitoring their daily communication. In addition to the CDC recommendations, we have implemented our own universal precautions for infectious diseases, including:

  1. More frequent sanitizing of public surfaces.
  2. Increased reminders of handwashing.
  3. Increased cleaning frequency of apartments and common spaces. 
  4. Maintaining a stock of personal protective equipment for staff, such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.


We are keeping families informed through increased communications and have ensured all residents have at least one family or responsible party e-mail address. Each community is also e-mailing families locally to keep them informed of Life Enrichment, Dining and other internal activities.