Your regular staff and associates will be here to help. 

Our most important asset is our dedicated Legend Experts in Senior Living™. You call them friends and associates, and you know each other by name. Our sense of family is the real heart of every Legend community. We are doing everything necessary to see that the people who work in your community are there for you, healthy and reliable as always.

  1. All staff members are screened every day before their shift. They have their temperatures taken, and if anyone shows signs of fever or cold symptoms, they will not be allowed to work until symptom-free.
  2. Your dedicated staff are feeling the difficulty of maintaining life as usual during this outbreak – and we support them. If their paid time off is depleted, with help with extra paid time off if they are sick with a contagious illness.

Essential outside personnel must follow these stricter precautions:

  1. Outside essential workers entering must pass our screening and cannot have recently traveled internationally on cruises or to at-risk areas identified by the CDC. Anyone who feels sick, has a fever, is coughing or experiencing shortness of breath will not enter our community. Our complete Protocols for Entry are at each building front door. 
  2. All essential personnel coming into the building must practice proper hand hygiene before and after visiting a resident, cover their nose and mouth if they cough or sneeze, and not touch others.
  3. Bear with us as our teams are also currently observing employees and emergency visitors in the community for signs and symptoms of illness, and any non-resident showing signs of illness will be asked to leave.