Best Physical Activities in the Winter for Seniors


With winter approaching, you might wonder how you will stay active and engaged with others when the season changes. For many adults, the spring, summer, and fall months are full of outdoor activities and family gatherings. With its cold temperatures and icy conditions, this can make winter seem incredibly isolating, as those daily walks can go by the wayside along with large gatherings with friends.


Staying physically and mentally active is even more critical once the winter arrives. However, staying motivated to keep up with favorite hobbies or habits can be challenging as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite recommendations to keep your body and brain moving no matter the weather.


Outdoor Winter Activities for Seniors

While we might have a natural tendency to turn to indoor activities in the winter, especially if you live in a climate where the winter winds are frigid, getting outside can be an excellent way to stay active and decrease depression. The fresh air and natural light can enhance your overall mood. Plus, there is something to be said about getting outside on quiet winter days without too many other people on the trail or sidewalk.


Outdoor winter activities for seniors you might want to try can include:

  • Birdwatching or wildlife watching
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross country skiing


Of course, always be safe when trying out any new or familiar activity. Before you get started on any outdoor hobby, you should:

  • Consult with your physician
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including layers you can peel off as you begin to get warm
  • Tell someone where you will be and what time you will be done with your activity


Indoor Activities for Seniors

If being outside doesn’t seem appealing, the winter season is the perfect time to add a bit of variety to your movement routine by trying out indoor activities for seniors. Physical activities you can do indoors can include:

  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Group fitness classes, like Silver Sneakers
  • Yoga or tai chi
  • Walking on an indoor track or shopping mall


If you are looking to work on your fine motor skills, try finding classes at your local senior center that focuses on craft activities for seniors, like pottery or painting. Getting out of the house will feel great, and you’ll be able to connect with new friends and spark your creativity while working on your dexterity.


Fun Activities for Older Adults in Senior Living Communities

For seniors living at home alone, getting out and about during the winter months can be pretty challenging. Between safe scheduling transportation, avoiding icy sidewalks, and trying to coordinate meet-ups between friends facing the same obstacles, heading to the senior center for a class doesn’t happen very often. This is when senior living communities become even more desirable.


Senior living communities offer daily events and programs for residents to enjoy, including fitness classes, reminiscing groups, writing workshops, live concerts, and more. These fun activities for older adults in senior living communities create an environment designed to enhance the quality of life and increase connections between neighbors, leading to better mental and physical health.


If you’ve ever been curious about what senior living life is like, or if you find yourself feeling isolated and at home and are looking for an alternative, we would love to show you what any Legend Senior Living residence offers through a personalized tour. Let’s make this winter an engaged and connected one!


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