Best Gifts to Purchase for Your Mature Loved Ones


It’s the season of finding the perfect gift to wrap up and give, but you might need some help deciding what to purchase for an older family member who already has everything. Many family members aren’t quite sure what to purchase for a senior. Before you make your list and check it twice, consider using some of our gift-giving ideas as inspiration for a present to give this season, or any time of the year.


Gift Ideas for Mature Women

Some of our favorite gift ideas for senior women are all about relaxation, comfort, and self-care. It seems like women of all ages can put themselves at the end of the list of people to care for or nurture, so purchasing a gift that puts self-care at the center can feel luxurious as well as jumpstart a new wellness routine.


Some of our favorite self-care inspired gifts include:

  • A cozy weighted blanket that can help boost quality of sleep
  • Aromatherapy oils and diffusor can be a safer alternative to a lit candle
  • Favorite lotions or body washes
  • Skid-free slippers or socks
  • A gift certificate to her favorite salon or nail spa
  • A subscription to a music streaming service with playlists curated by the whole family
  • A leather journal and pen set


Gift Ideas for Mature Men

When compiling this list of gift ideas for senior men, we focused on coming up with gifts that inspired new hobbies, favorite pastimes, or sharing a legacy. Our favorite gifts to wrap up for this year include:

  • A new coffee table book
  • A new novel by a favorite author, along with a reading light or magnifier
  • A clear birdfeeder to hang on the window for more accessible birding
  • An easy-to-care-for houseplant
  • A new selection of favorite word games, word searches, or logic puzzles
  • Adult coloring books and pastels
  • New pair of tennis shoes
  • A membership to the local gym or Silver Sneakers program
  • Journal with questions pre-written about their past for them to answer


More of the Best Gifts for Senior Loved Ones

For someone who has everything, or for someone living with cognitive decline or mobility challenges, it can be even more difficult to find the perfect gift. Some of our favorite gift ideas for seniors aren’t gifts at all, but experiences that the family can share together as they create memories or meet a specific need.


Experience-based ideas can include:

  • A gift card to a favorite ice cream shop and a date to get a scoop together
  • A hand massage and manicure
  • A car ride around the old neighborhood with a stop at a favorite restaurant
  • Coffee and pastries with the family on a Sunday morning
  • Tickets to see a baseball game together


Any experience works here, including simply stopping by to sing favorite songs together or to bake cookies. Make it extra special by scheduling it on the calendar and counting the days until the special event arrives.


This holiday season, focus on a gift that enhances relaxation or self-care, gives the gift of a new hobby, or creates something to look forward to. Anyone would be lucky to unwrap those presents and you’ll love giving a gift that supports the overall wellness of your loved one. Happy shopping!

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